Curriculum Vitae Mariëlle van Rooden



Mariëlle Christina van Rooden, MSc

1st July, 1978

Esmoreitstraat 20-II, 1055CE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31- (0)6 – 417 44 869



Personal Profile

With a Master degree in Town and country planning and substantial work experience obtained in projects of infrastructure, city development, urban transition processes and housing, I have a fair amount of expertise in urban planning. I really enjoy working in this field, because it deals with the future of people, it can serve their needs and can be an incentive to fulfil ambitions and dreams.

However, I have found out that I particularly like process management and solution of organizational issues within urban projects. It’s not only important we know what we wish to establish or build, it’s also relevant how we are going to do that, who are needed for this specific assignment and when we should or shouldn’t act on certain matters. This turns a good plan into a valuable and successful development.

As I strongly believe successful projects only arise when public authorities and private companies work together, I’m very happy several assignments gave me the opportunity to build bridges between those ‘separate worlds’. I’d like to establish an unequivocal project context of mutual respect and a fair amount of focus on each other’s interests. That kind of environment is necessary for the understanding of each other’s business models, ways of communication and perspectives.

In my role of tender manager, I encountered the ‘next level’ of everything stated prior; procurement management challenges all of my professional and personal skills and I enjoy it very much! It comes to professional management skills to introduce the right expert knowledge into the process scheme. Furthermore, the context of highly formal procurement regulations require application of skills and a dose of ambition in order to achieve results on the interface of public and private affairs.

I’d like to characterize my preferable method of working as team playing with passion for projects. Team members can stimulate and learn from each other; an important condition for improvements one had never imagined possible before. Adjectives as passionate, ambitious, entrepreneurial indicate the way I’d like to approach professional or personal matters and opportunities. Let’s make things better and make them happen!



Work experience                       

January 2011 – present:    Owner Het Rooden Perspectief



May 2015 – present: Client: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Position: Manager Project control, Implementation scheme new toll system
Responsibilities: Monthly progress reports, schedule management and risk management, implementation of an integrated quality management system
April 2015 – present: Client: Municipality of Assen & NS (translated: Dutch Railways)
Position: Manager Integrated schedule Station area Assen
Responsibilities: Team lead of planning analysts, accomplishment of the schedule product, conflict identification, consultancy on risk management and schedule improvements
December 2014 – present: Client: Dura Vermeer (contractor), Division Infrastructure, Business unit major projects
Position: Project co-ordinator, Project: Doubling N279
Responsibilities: Procurement of additional assignments (10M), point of contact for the client (Province) about the design process, implementation of the project policy on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, supervision of the permit application process
August 2014 – April  2015: Client: Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat)
Position: Project Manager Implementation team toll system
Responsibilities: Enhancing the collaboration between partners, composition of the Master Schedule, administration of the project file.
July 2014 – present: Client: Stroomversnelling (translated: Rapid, section of a knowledge platform for cities and regions, they are aiming for the renovation of 111.000 council houses into zero energy level properties)
Position: Consultant Process & organisation
Responsibilities: Definition of an internal process scheme, development of an assessment instrument on the renovation achievements.
February 2014 – July 2014: Client: Ballast Nedam (contractor), Division Building & Development, special projects
Position: Tender Manager on behalf of the contractor for the bid of the new provincial government building of Gelderland (DBMO, competitive dialogue)
Responsibilities: Lead the multidisciplinary tender team of Ballast Nedam and its subcontractors, point of contact for the client, financial management (1.5M of consultancy fees), risk management and reporting to the supervisory board.
June 2013 – February 2015 Client: Municipality of Assen, Programme FlorijnAs (master plan including eight infrastructure projects)
Position: Overall process manager
Responsibilities: Progress reports on the Programme to the board of directors and the Mayor and Aldermen, estimation of the required number of staff members, training of employees.
July 2011 – December 2013 Client: Municipality of Rotterdam, Project Office Hart van Zuid (translated: Heart of South, City centre Southern Rotterdam)
Position: Tender Manager on behalf of the municipality for the PPP City development Hart van Zuid (DBFMO, leading procurement)
Responsibilities: Management of the European procurement procedure from start to finish, supervision of the awarding process, chair of the clients’ tender team for the complete ‘dialogue’ procedure  , co-ordination of all interaction with the three bidders.

February 2005 –                  Triode Ltd

April 2011:                           Senior consultant on planning management in  spatial developments

Specialized consultancy firm on schedule and risk management, serving mainly major public clients (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht e.g.)


September 2000 –             Buck Consultants International

January 2004                       Consultant Economic Development and Real Estate

Leading research & consultancy firm in economics, spatial development and real estate.




September 1996-               Master degree of Town and country planning

May 2001                             Radboud University of Nijmegen

Emphases: Real estate development, Infrastructure, International benchmark on planning systems, Decision making processesCosts – benefit-sharing between public and private parties
January – July 2000 Special course: Term at the University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom and an internship at the department of Traffic Management, Bristol City Council.
1999 Special course: Pre Master teacher course Geography




Dutch Native language
English Fluent; conversation, reading and writing
Spanish Basic; conversation, reading and writing
German Good; conversation, reading and writing



Administrative experience                                                                                                                        

February 2011 – March Organisation: I-CE, Institute for Cycling Expertise, Utrecht
2015: Position: Financial officer of the Supervisory Board
1998 – 2003: Organisation: Radboud University of Nijmegen
Position: Chair and treasurer in a variety of committees, student union and sports club.



Voluntary work / Interests

Voluntary work
2014 – 2015 Vondelpark Open Air Theatre, Amsterdam
2006 – 2014 Hospice, Utrecht
2005 Project Cross Your Borders (teaching in secondary schools about developing countries)
2004 Year of travelling through Latin America


Update: June 2015